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Jadawalin mako-mako

Muna matukar farin ciki da jin ta bakin masu sauraronmu kan batutuwa na yau da kullun da shawarwari kamar yadda ya shafi ƙirƙirar abun ciki don "yi shi da kanka".  

Don haka, mun ƙirƙiri jerin shirye-shiryen da ke gudana daga Litinin zuwa Juma'a.

Dubi jerin batutuwan da za ku shiga daga ƙasa.


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Guille Pivard

Je voulais prendre  ma famille en vacances, Mais le prix du billet d’avion etait bien au-dela de mon budget, j’ai meme pense a annuler le voyage, puis un de mes amis m’a suggere d’essayer DoitYourSelfImmigration, au debut j’etais reticent parce que j’avais deja essaye presque toutes les compagnies aeriennes, puis apres reflexion, j’ai decide de les essayer, L’immigration Doityourself m’a donne une bonne affaire meme en dessous de mon budget initial, j’ai pu economiser de l’argent. Je recommande vivement DoitYourSelfImmigration.


Prior to any of my trips overseas, I have never been one to purchase travel insurance because I have always believed that doing so is both a waste of time and money due to how expensive it is. 
I went to almost every agency in the area, but their prices were just too high for me to bear. I decided to look online instead, and that's when I found the doityourselfimmigration website; not only do they have reasonable prices, but they also have a wide variety of options from which to pick. I was able to relax and enjoy my trip thanks to the fact that I am covered by insurance.


It was always my dream to continue my education in another country, but at one point in time I became disheartened because I lost a lot of money to a shady agent who claimed to help me with the process of getting my visa. Nevertheless, continuing my education in another country was always a dream of mine. I started by asking a few of my friends who had previously traveled abroad to guide me through the process, and I was surprised when all of them referred me to doityourselfimmigration. I decided to give it a try, and as I'm writing this now I'm happily studying in the United Kingdom because they helped me get admission to the school and program of my choice, did all the visa applications for me, and even included accommodations in their services. Doityourself Immigration is the one-stop place for all immigration-related needs.

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